Argan Oil Hair Treatment for only £1! | Review

Hello lovelies!

Sometimes I will find products which I just can't not tell you about such as this argan oil hair treatment which I bought for only £1! I got this from my local £1 shop and as I had been wanting to try the more expensive argan oil treatments, I thought I would give this a go for such a small price.

I think the message I more wanted to get across was that you can try an argan oil for your hair which doesn't cost a fortune and so many places, even Primark are selling little bottles. I know though at some point I will break and want to buy and try the more expensive brands but this is a great alternative.

This actual bottle doesn't have a brand which is annoying, unless it's just the 'Argan Oil' but I have been using this for over a week now which is about 3 washes of my hair.


Wash hair like usual & leave to towel or air dry. Apply a few drops to your fingertips and warm up between fingertips. Massage into tips of hair as these are usually the driest parts of hair. Then apply a few more drops to hands, warm up and scrunch into middle of hair. Avoid using near the roots if you have greasy hair like me!

This not only has an amazing smell, very clean and fresh, but it also works really well with my dry ends. I was quite amazed for £1 how well it kept my hair feeling nourished. Also when drying it leaves my hair silky smooth ;)

As this doesn't have a brand as such, I can't go into how great this exact product is unless you hop on over to your local £1 store and hunt around for it but just trying an inexpensive argan oil would be the better option!

Have you tried any inexpensive argan oil brands? What did you think of it?


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