Thursday, 21 February 2013

Creams, Khakis and Golds | Fashion

Hello lovelies!
Today's post is a fashion one and I have put together a little collage of items that I think would look great as an outfit. All of the items are highstreet and affordable, keep reading for more...
Also I would like to add in how much time it actually took me to crop and add and position and then work out how to save it as an image to put the above picture into this post, but I'm really happy with the outcome....
Anyway, let's get started.
1. Next Lace Panel Textured Sweater, £28 - I saw this sweater/jumper in a Next shop just after the sales had finished and thought it was a really nice twist on the casual jumper as it had lace detailing. The cream colour is neutral looking, will go with almost anything and would probably keep you warm enough coming up to the Spring season.
2. Missguided Celestina Suede Platform Ankle Boots in Black, £37.99 - First of all, I'm really loving the suede/velvet trend at the moment, I think it can give a boring outfit that bit of omph. The boots go great with skirts, jeans or trousers but I thought pairing them with some khaki trousers would really bring out their subtle detail. These are definitely on my current wishlist so you may see them on me sometime in the near future ;)
3. River Island Gold Tone Diamante and Pearl Collar Necklace, £28 - This take on the peter pan collar is really up market and looks more sophisticated in my opinion. It is definitely a statement piece of jewellery and starts bringing together my outfit.

4. River Island Pink Graffiti Print Snood, 13.99 - I thought that this scarf/snood would bring a pop of colour to this outfit without overburdening it. The colours overall that I chose are neutral colours and I think this bright pink would add something to it. The price of this is also quite reasonable condsidering it is from River Island.

5. Zara Green Suede Bowling Bag, £69.99 - This bag is one of my current favourites in Zara, I think their bags are really durable, well made and look amazing! This will go perfectly with this outfit against cream plus it fits loads in (watch out for a review on a Zara bag that viviannadoesmakeup recently showed).

6. River Island Khaki Skinny Trousers, £35 - I think these trousers would go really nice with the cream jumper and this item of clothing was the starting point of my outfit. The khaki isn't in your face and has a distressed look which really adds to the effect. The price for River Island is reasonable and you can expect to see them on me at some point soon.

7. Dolly Bow Bow Aubree Luxe Chain Bracelet in Gold, £12 - I saw this bracelet on the Dollybowbow website whilst I was having a mooch on there and thought the gold would complete the look nicely. Chains and links are pretty on trend at the moment especially chunky ones so this looks fab!

Thankyou for reading, I hope that you found this post fun, informative or even just interesting, I am going to be doing a few look for less posts so watch out for them :)

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Ashleigh ♥


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I'm Engaged!

Hi guys!
So in my last blog post I rambled on about how I wanted to do more and make more videos and blog everyday, but then I completely didn't do it.... BUT I have a very good reason for it because almost 2 weeks ago I got engaged!! Even writing that down still shocks me but I'm really happy about it....(I'll include a little photo of my fiance later)....
Amongst all the hype, planning and excitedness (is that a word?), I haven't really had much time to do any youtube or blogging but now you can expect not only my usual posts but also wedding ones :D I'm getting married!!
I want to do a whole video and blog post about how HE proposed and also do some helpful wedding tips that I've had passed down to me from friends and family....
There really is so much to do, venue, invitations, dress (!), engagement party, and thats only getting started but I couldn't be happier. To any of you out there reading this who may be rolling their eyes, sorry :( I'm really not the over the top type usually but am very excited and I will still be prioritising the beauty side of my blog :)
Anyway, I posted a few photos on instagram and made them look pretty by adding effects and an app called picframe.
This is the photo I did a couple hours after HE asked. I love him to bits
My ring is beautiful and so delicate and he loves me for ME whether thats without makeup on, when I'm moody or laugh/snort like a pig.
The day after, one of my closest friends got me this lovely box to keep all of our engagement and wedding cards so that we could keep them all in one place. Its such a pretty gift dont you think?

I then went and picked up any bridal/wedding magazines that I could, I've already got so much inspiration from them, I will try to do reviews on the best ones :)
As a present my mum bought a couple of really nice weddingy things for us, this being one of them.... I wouldn't say I was a perfectionist because I can be really messy and not that organised BUT there are times when I like everything just the way I like it and picking a wedding organiser/planner was definitely one of them.... We spent a whole afternoon shopping for one but couldn't find any we liked until my mum surprised us with this one and I have to say- spot on mum :) Its detailed, gives you step by step planning and is so cute
Thankyou for reading, hope you enjoyed it... Look out for my next post :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Fresh start.

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On the 22nd of January, it was 1 year that I have been on Youtube aswell as when I started writing on this blog and to be honest, I haven't been as motivated or driven to do any blogging or even make that many videos. I think I have a couple blog posts and about 18 videos all on various things, yet in my mind, that really isn't what I had planned when I first set up my accounts for both. I now have almost 600 subscribers on Youtube which I am VERY happy about but I would like to do more and put in more effort.
Its now the beginning of February, so as its a new year, I think I'll make some big goals I would like to achieve with mini goals to reach them. Maybe if I write it down here, it will give me more motivation to continue.
 Blog everyday ♥: I would like to be able to write a good blog post everyday so that I can build up my standard of blogging to a higher one that I am at now, but also to be able to get my name out there a little bit more. When I put in the effort, I can be a very creative person. I would like to dabble in photography, cake decorating, beauty (which I already do), interior decorating/designing, cooking, fashion, DIY and more.

I'm going to schedule in:

Monday: Interior decorating/designing
Tuesday: Fashion
Wednesday: Cake decorating/cooking
Thursday: DIY/ashleighailsa online shop updates
Friday: Beauty
 Weekend (Sat & Sun): Miscellaneous

I would really like to stick to this routine so if you are reading this then keep your eyes peeled for more!

Ok next up,

Youtube videos atleast twice a week ♥: This means that I have to film, edit and upload atleast 2 videos a week on my youtube channel. I have so many ideas for videos that I would like to do but my lack of organisation and time keeping usually means I don't regularly do this.

Some videos to look out for are:

♥ Product empties
♥ January favourites
♥ Skiing vlog (I went to France last week)

I would also like to learn how to use some better quality editing software so thats another goal!


 Work on my online shop for AshleighAilsa ♥: So if you didn't know already through me mentioning it on Youtube, I handmake various cute and usable things such as jewellery, home items, gifts, hair bows etc. I am currently working on a website and also my stock levels so once I have enough I am goign to LAUNCH it which will be a very exciting time.... In the mean time though I am thinking of selling on etsy which I am sure many of you know what it is. If not, type it into google and when I get mine up and running I will post a link :)

Anyway, thankyou so much to anyone who is reading this, I'm grateful for any views, comments or suggestions so please feel free!