Fresh start.

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On the 22nd of January, it was 1 year that I have been on Youtube aswell as when I started writing on this blog and to be honest, I haven't been as motivated or driven to do any blogging or even make that many videos. I think I have a couple blog posts and about 18 videos all on various things, yet in my mind, that really isn't what I had planned when I first set up my accounts for both. I now have almost 600 subscribers on Youtube which I am VERY happy about but I would like to do more and put in more effort.
Its now the beginning of February, so as its a new year, I think I'll make some big goals I would like to achieve with mini goals to reach them. Maybe if I write it down here, it will give me more motivation to continue.
 Blog everyday ♥: I would like to be able to write a good blog post everyday so that I can build up my standard of blogging to a higher one that I am at now, but also to be able to get my name out there a little bit more. When I put in the effort, I can be a very creative person. I would like to dabble in photography, cake decorating, beauty (which I already do), interior decorating/designing, cooking, fashion, DIY and more.

I'm going to schedule in:

Monday: Interior decorating/designing
Tuesday: Fashion
Wednesday: Cake decorating/cooking
Thursday: DIY/ashleighailsa online shop updates
Friday: Beauty
 Weekend (Sat & Sun): Miscellaneous

I would really like to stick to this routine so if you are reading this then keep your eyes peeled for more!

Ok next up,

Youtube videos atleast twice a week ♥: This means that I have to film, edit and upload atleast 2 videos a week on my youtube channel. I have so many ideas for videos that I would like to do but my lack of organisation and time keeping usually means I don't regularly do this.

Some videos to look out for are:

♥ Product empties
♥ January favourites
♥ Skiing vlog (I went to France last week)

I would also like to learn how to use some better quality editing software so thats another goal!


 Work on my online shop for AshleighAilsa ♥: So if you didn't know already through me mentioning it on Youtube, I handmake various cute and usable things such as jewellery, home items, gifts, hair bows etc. I am currently working on a website and also my stock levels so once I have enough I am goign to LAUNCH it which will be a very exciting time.... In the mean time though I am thinking of selling on etsy which I am sure many of you know what it is. If not, type it into google and when I get mine up and running I will post a link :)

Anyway, thankyou so much to anyone who is reading this, I'm grateful for any views, comments or suggestions so please feel free!



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