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Yet again it's long time no see but I'm sure you will forgive me after you've had a look at this Naked 3 palette review plus stay tuned for a giveaway for one too ;)

The hype for this amazing palette was way more than the Naked 2 palette as not only was it just before Christmas but the packaging and eyeshadow shades are rose gold themed/toned. As a lover of rose gold jewellery, I got rather excited at Viviannadoesmakeup's blog post on it and found out it was for sale when she announced it on facebook. Let's just say I ordered some hours after that post was put up.

I've seen so many reviews of this palette online with far better photo's than mine, but who doesn't love browsing through 10 different blogs for the same review?


Instead of going through each colour and trying to (badly) describe them, I thought I would share which ones are my favourites, any comparisons with the original Naked palette and generally my honest opinion. First of all, the palette is £37 and for that you get the palette, a double-sided brush & 4 sample eye primers. Each one contains around a week's worth of product which is great to try out individually before buying the full size one.

PACKAGING: Unlike the Naked palette, the 3 comes in a cleaner, more protective tin in a gorgeous rose gold colour. The handy, large mirror is still the same as well as the space for the double-ended brush and overall I love the look of it.

EYESHADOWS: Wow! The colour selection is daily makeup material with darker colours to help you transform into an evening look. My favourite out of all of them are Dust, Trick, Limit & Buzz but in particular using Dust all over the lid and Limit in the crease. My current everyday eyeshadows are Jest and Quarry from Mac, which when comparing Jest and Dust, are so similar. So that's probably why my favourites from this palette are Dust & Limit. Haha. The pigmentation like always is incredible, some of the lighter shades took a few swatches to build up the colour on my arm, but Buzz for example glided on with just one swipe and again I am impressed with Urban Decay.

BRUSH: Compared to the Naked palette's brush, this one is amazing! If I had to pick 1 brush to do all my shadow, it would be a crease/blending brush and this one works really well. To pat on the eyeshadow, the other end is more of a shader brush which works hand in hand to the blending side. Usually with palettes like these, the brushes don't stick around as I already have my favourites, but this is definitely staying with me.

So, it is worth all the hype? In my opinion, YES! There are so many dupes out there but for a palette which is definitely going to last you a long time, endure being dropped and consistently give you great quality eye looks, I think it's worth it :)

I'm going to be doing a makeup tutorial using this palette soon so keep an eye out for that and a giveaway!

Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

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