The Mac Palette Tour


Ever since I got into the online beauty community on Youtube, Mac as a brand and their 15 pan eyeshadow palette has always been raved about. The first high-end makeup item I got was a Mac Palette and I came away with 4 eyeshadows. I remember thinking how expensive it was for just 1 eyeshadow but my excitement overtook when my mum said I could choose 4 and she would get them for me - this is where my makeup obsession started!

This palette is my neutrals palette which are the eyeshadows I wear on a daily basis plus 2 new ones I bought in the individual form - I depot them, add a magnet and use the leftover pot as part of the 'back to Mac' to get a new lipstick. This actually works out cheaper as the pot is around £2.50 more than the pan form and lipsticks are around £12. Every little helps!

I take this palette everywhere as I'm a 'do my makeup in the car' last minute gal so excuse the scratched palette - at least you can see I do actually use it ;) The brush in the photos is my trusty MAC 217 which I use for applying, blending, the lot.

Ok, let's get into the eyeshadows: 

Brule: This is a great skintone shade which looks great on the lid as a base or to even out your eyelid. I use this to blend as it's a matte shade with no shimmer.

Phloof!: If you're looking for a strong highlight for the brow then this is right up your street but I prefer to use for the inner corners to bright up my eye area. My tip for applying it the best way is using your ring finger to dab on the product straight from the pan and applying direct to inner corners.

Jest: Along with Satin Taupe, this was the first MAC eyeshadow to enter my palette. It's the perfect shimmery pink without clumpy glitter but with a more metallic sheen to it. On days where I want to wear eyeshadow and not mess it up - this is the shade that you can wash on without much room for mistake. As you can see it is my most loved eyeshadow as it's basically all gone. Another trip to Mac I think!

Shroom: This is a mix between Brule & Phloof! - it's a toned down shimmer without the pinky hue but with a whiter pay off. I use this either all over the lid for a grey & black smokey eye, for the inner corners or a toned down brow highlight.

Retrospeck: In the pan form it gives off a slight yellow/green tint to it but when applied its a very subtle gold with more of a sheen than shimmer. If I'm honest, I haven't got enough wear out of it to know how it looks best on the eyelids but it's on my to do list.

Quarry: That natural crease colour which is one of the only MAC eyeshadow shades I can watch a  tutorial on how to apply and actually nail it! I'll put a base all over the lid so either Jest or Brule and blend a generous amount of Quarry in to the crease and vuala, you have a perfectly natural enhanced crease and brow bone.

Patina: I use this amazing light brown shimmer as an all over the lid colour for an everyday look or as a base before I try a smokey eye look. The colour pay off is great and is similar to Jest in that I can wash it all over (the lid that is haha) and look like I've made more effort than I have.

Woodwinked: One of the most gorgeous shades MAC has. It gives a metallic coppery brown wash which leaves a sheen finish - when I say sheen, I mean the most amazing shimmery colour which sits nicely on the lids and looks amazing. I can't say more about it without using the words gorgeous, amazing & great!

Satin Taupe: As mentioned before, this was one of the first eyeshadows I got from MAC and remains one of my favourites. For an amazing yet natural everyday smokey/brown eye look, I use Jest and then use Satin Taupe in the crease.

Brun: I haven't used this shade that much as it's a very dark brown and I've not mastered the smokey eye yet so this comes in for when I want to do my eyebrows or as a top lash eyeliner. I can smoke it out without putting too much on.

Trax: I've been experimenting with colour recently and this is a nice transition from brown into purple without it being overly noticeable but still making my brown eyes pop. Purple and blue are meant to compliment brown eyes so may look into some blue eyeshadows?

The 2 eyeshadows in pot form are new and haven't been used yet so keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts soon - they are in the shades Shale & All That Glitters.
All of the pan refill eyeshadows are £10 each now along with the 15 pan insert (£2.50) & pro palette which is £14.00.

I have quite a few spaces to still fill, any suggestions?


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    1. Aww thankyou! Any new suggestions I should take a look at next time I'm in MAC?

      P.s I love how you edit and caption the photos on your blog - great overall style!

  2. Gorgeous blog (I'm a new follower)! I agree that although Mac shadows are amazing, they're a tad pricey. I've only ever allowed myself to buy one, but this post has tempted me to invest in a few more :)


  3. I really like the colors you've chosen in this palette. I too think Mac shades are a bit pricy so for now I don't own any yet. Greta post and keep up the good work.


  4. Hey , I've Nominated you for the Liebster Award, Read my post to find out what you have to do :) x

  5. I love this palette! I haven't tried a Mac palette yet since they're so pricey, but maybe it's time to try one out :).

  6. Love, love, love the colours you've chosen for your palette, I'm just starting mine, and this has given me a few ideas of colours I like, as well as proven I made good choices with the few I have already! xx

  7. just found your blog through a comment that you left on Hannah Maggs's blog! your blog is perfect x

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