Unspoken Beauty Bits

We've all got those beauty products which are essential to our daily prep yet are unspoken about - these products don't usually come packaged all pretty but are very helpful in keeping you primp & polished. Take a look at

To keep the odours at bay: The Garnier Mineral Invisible 48hr roll-on deodorant - I used to use the spray deodorants but the roll-ons are meant to be much better for you. I was finding that towards the end of the day, I wasn't smelling as fresh but after switching to the Garnier roll-ons, I still had that clean smell permeating from my underarms right through to the evening. They come in different versions but the Invisible doesn't leave stains and apparently lets your skin breathe. It may just be a deodorant but when you find one that does whats it's meant to all day long, you've got a keeper!

Tricky makeup smudges: The Body Shop Organic Cotton Cosmetics Buds - these are the weirdest shaped buds I've ever seen although I should mention these aren't meant to be used for inside the ears. They have been designed to be used for applying makeup or creams with the flat, rounded edge & for correcting makeup mistakes and smudging out eyeliner with the pointy edge. They are so useful when it comes to perfecting a smokey eye and I find myself reaching for them on the oddest of occasions - you get 100 buds for £2.50 and the store I was at had a buy one get one half price deal so definitely worth stocking up.

For the blackheads: Biore Ultra Nose Strips - it's crazy how one strip can take off a good amount of dirt from your nose when you would think your nose looked clean. These nose strips are meant to get rid of blackheads and de-clog your pores. Deep clean is an understatement when it comes to these strips and it's quickly become a little session to apply them with my husband! You wash your face, wet your nose and apply the strip. After 10 - 15 minutes, it's usually stiff to the touch like paper-mache which is when you gently pull off and see the wonders of what sits in your nose pores - a bit gross but so interesting!

To get rid of any hair: Wilkinson Sword Quattro razor - I wish I could say this was a well thought out purchase but when it comes to razors, I look for 2 things. The first being the price as they can get quite expensive and the second being the gel bit around the razor. I always seem to be in a rush when shaving my legs so as much help with not slicing me open, the better. This razor in particular was from Boots in a pack of three for about £3.00 but they were on a promotion!

To keep hands and feet neat: Nail clippers, scissors and a nail file. I don't actually know where I got these from but do you like the leopard nail clippers? It adds a little something, don't you think? (Elle Woods from Legally Blonde quote - oh yeah). I use the nail clippers mainly on my toes to keep them neat and occasionally on my hands when I forget to file them which leads onto the nail file. I use this mainly on my hands to shape my nails as naturally I have weird shaped nails - you can thank my Dad for those. I go through quite a few of these (nail files, not dads haha) so I tend not to splurge, most supermarkets do their own brands so I tend to use them. The smaller scissors and cuticle stick are pretty self explanatory.

After all the talk of prepping myself, I better actually get on with it! What unspoken beauty bits do you swear by?

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