Decorating Ideas!

Ok, this post is something different to what I usually write about, but I have recently discovered Pinterest which is a site where you can catagorize your hobbies, likes and ideas through pins or photos. It can get quite addictive! Anyway, I was flicking through the 'decorating' section and came across a photo of a lovely decorated living room/lounge. I fell in love with it straight away and when I ever move out to my own place I have decided this is how I would like to decorate. 

The colour is a grey/taupe colour and I think the white furniture and mirrored accents go really well together. This photo is definitely an inspiration and Pinterest is such a great inspirational site for almost anything you can think of. 

I would like to do some other bedroom decorating videos and posts as at the  moment I am really loving white furniture with light pink accents so once my bedroom is fully finished I will post some photos :D

Quite a quick blog post, but I wanted to share this with anyone who reads my blog!

Thank you for reading



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