Rainy Day :(

Morning! The weather really isn't that  great today, off 
 and on rain :( but I'm quite content just sitting beside my window listening to Chris Brown's new song, Don't Wake Me Up which I LOVE! Whilst I;m listening to this awesome song, I am replying to some lovely comments I received on my youtube channel.. I know its not much but I'm up to 86 subscribers and I'm getting into the swing of things with filming :) ...Plus, Ive had almost 100 views on this blog and 2 followers which is definitely a motivating factor haha .. Have you seen my latest Summer Clothing and Accessories Haul? Check it out ! ---------->

 Wow look at that face!? I hope I can make it to be a youtube partner, I'm a long way off but ONE DAY :D
Anyway, I'm off to do some more 'work', I hope anyone who has read this short babbling post enjoyed it! I will leave you with a cute little photo about cats as I am a huge cat lover, I have a beautiful kitty called Peaches. You can see photos on my instagram - ashleighailsa 

 How cute is this? aww :)



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