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I don't think I have ever found an everyday makeup routine where I love every single product that I use.  Either the mascara is amazing and the foundation is ok etc and I haven't written this blog post to tell you I've found the perfect everyday routine BUT I have found an amazing concealer.

This is where Xenca's Perfection Concealer* comes in. If you watch my Youtube videos (link here) you will have seen my new 'get ready with me' videos where I rave on about how great this concealer is and so I thought I would do a review on it.


Does it do what a concealer is meant to do?
Yes. There are different types of concealers, some say they cover dark circles, others say they cover up blemishes and redness but after switching this up for my Collection 2000 concealer for the last few weeks, I can honestly say I love it. Not only does it do a great job of concealing my dark circles (especially in the morning) but it brightens up eye area and I use it on any redness or spots that I may have and it covers them up without leaving a cakey look.

Consistency & Formulation
The consistency is very creamy and thick but doesn't have a heavy feel on the skin. A little goes a long way and after applying I use a powder to set it and I'm off. It sets to a light-weight, flawless finish and doesn't crease at all. It almost sinks into the skin and becomes one which sounds a little over the top but you seriously need to try it to believe it.


Long-wearing Factors
Like I said in the last section, after applying it, I set it with a powder and it doesn't budge all day. Compared to any high-end or drugstore concealer it stays on till early evening usually. By this time, a touch-up might be required but for the look it gives you, it is definitely worth it.

Colour Range
Xenca currently only have this concealer in one shade - Medium. This colour as you can see in the photos is quite light so for most skin tones it will be great but if you have a darker complexion and want to try this product out, it may be an idea to mix this one with a different colour or set it with a darker powder.

Similarities to any other products?
I don't usually add anything to do with similarity but I have and use the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and think this Xenca concealer is so similar in how it performs, looks and feels which I guess at a fraction of the price is great!


Where can you buy it from?
Currently you can only buy it online  - http://www.mincollxenca.co.uk/ for £13.95 which for an incredibly creamy, full coverage concealer isn't that expensive!

Overall, I can't say enough great things about this concealer, it has everything you would want and need in a concealer (full coverage, long lasting and creamy). I'm really impressed and I'm going to give their concealer a 5/5. Out of all of their products, this is by far my favourite!

Have any of you tried Xenca's concealer? What did you think?

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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