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Hello lovelies!

Today's blog post is going to a review on Xenca's Perfection Lipstick in the colour 'Candy' which I have been obsessed with recently. I actually did a makeup tutorial featuring this lipstick over on my Youtube channel if you wanna check it out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NBWXW1j2H8&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBQGC7MC1uaAYb9JR_dcSYw

So, before I get started into the colour and packaging of this product, I wanted to point out that all of Xenca's products are organic, which to most beauty lovers out there, including myself is fairly hard to find whilst also having great pigmentation, long-wearing factors and general niceness but ladies I think I've found the perfect organic makeup brand which won't cost you a second mortgage but will look fab in your makeup bag as well as perform great for your skin and overall makeup look!

Xenca currently have 4 shades of lipstick in their Perfection line including Cherry, Spice, Fudge and Candy which I will be reviewing today.


For each of their lipsticks they use the slogan - 'A superior formulation that glides on smoothly, protects, conditions and combines staying power with perfect colour performance', and to be honest, what more would you want out of a lipstick?

Consistency & Long-Lasting Factors

At first glance, I wasn't sure whether the lipstick was going to be similar to a Mac lustre or cremesheen but at first swatch, it turned out to be mixture of both. The texture is creamy yet gives off a shimmery look when applied to the lips. It feels moisturising and doesn't dry out your lips like many lipsticks do. When wearing this throughout the day, I found the colour to stay on my lips for a good few hours before having to reapply but even then it didn't completely all come off, after leaving it for a lot longer on the lips, it starts to become a stain like product which is perfect for an evening out when you don't want to keep applying.




When looking on Xenca's website, it gives you a full breakdown of ingredients in the lipstick such as shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax which are all natural and great for nourishing the lips. They aren't tested on animals and are 100% organic.

Colour pay off & Finish

In my Youtube tutorial, where I use this lipstick amongst other products, I mention that the colour is a bright pink but also a wearable nude shade so is basically in between both bright and nude. The colour pay off from seeing the colour in the tube to wearing it is almost exact. It isn't sheer at all and give a full pink lip without having to apply much to the lips which means its an easy 'I'm in a rush' colour to put on whilst on the go. The finish is creamy with a toned down shimmery look and is just perfect for using in the day or night.


The packaging is eco-friendly with its recycled materials such as vegetable dye. The design of the packaging is very sturdy and when applying the lipstick it feels secure. Also one thing that many lipsticks fail on is the actual lipstick not twisting down all the way, meaning the lid each time can take away edge of lipstick BUT this lipstick doesn't do that which is a major plus.

Where can you buy it from?

You can buy it from Xenca's website - http://www.mincollxenca.co.uk/ and they are priced at £11.95 which for an organic, long-lasting and moisturising lipstick with great colour ranges is a pretty good price.

Overall, I can't say enough great things about this lipstick, it has everything you would want and need in a lipstick for both day time or night time and I'm really impressed. I have been trying a few of Xenca's makeup items recently, and as a brand they have really thought about their customers needs and I'm going to give their lipsticks a 4 and a half /5!!

Have any of you tried Xenca's lipsticks? What did you think?

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. This is actually such a gorgeous colour! i'm not the biggest fan of lipsticks but I would definitely wear this! Very lovely post & very happy I came across your blog!

    x leah symonne x


    1. Hi Leah!

      Thankyou so so much for commenting on my blog, means a lot to me. The Xenca lipsticks in general are great, really moisturising and great colour payoff :)

      I checked out your blog too! Keep going girl....

      Keep in touch.

      Ashleigh xx