The Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo from Elf Cosmetics

One of the reasons I bought the The Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo from Elf Cosmetics is that it was meant to be a dupe for the Nars blush & bronzing duo. This post isn't about how the one from Elf is a dupe as I've never tried the Nars one but after looking at many close up photos of swatches, it seems that the Elf one really is similar.

The quality of the Elf Blush & Bronzing duo is amazing but very pigmented, especially the bronzer! I use it for contouring/bronzing as I haven't mastered a full contour yet so it blends like a bronzer. The bronzer has slight flecks of gold which you can hardly see when it's on the cheeks - it actually helps with the glowing look. When paired with the blush, it gives your cheeks this sculpted blushed look. Unfortunately, you can go overboard really easily, so apply the product sparingly and build up the colour.

I've been using a contour brush from Real Techniques which is the perfect shape to contour your cheek bones as well as blending it out with the blusher. The blush shade is a mix between a girly pink & peachy colour with golden flecks which compliment the cheek bones, cheeks and whatever part of the skin has this product on, it glistens when any light hits it. When it comes to tones & shades, the bronzer isn't orangey at all - it's a darker brown but when dusted on and built up, it's the perfect shade to use for contouring or bronzing the face.

The packaging is sturdy, comes with a huge mirror & is compact - this is great if you are travelling and want to save space plus it's also really slim! It's basically 2 products in one as has both a bronzer and blusher.

In last week's blog post, I mentioned that the Elf Cosmetics UK website was closing down so again if  you would like to get your hands on this blush & bronzing duo, you can click here which takes you to Amazon which is selling it for only £1.34 + £3.99 shipping. For the quality and sturdy packaging, it's definitely worth the money.

Have you tried this duo? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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