Bioderma Crealine H20 ♡

Hello Lovelies!
In January, I went to France for a skiing holiday (which was amazing btw) and I checked out a few of the French pharmacies to see if they stocked Bioderma, which they did! I think there are places in the UK or online that do them now but a while back they seemed to only be for the people who went to France or who spent loads on shipping etc, so I thought I would pick one up! I have to say, I was rather excited at just the sight of Bioderma up on the shelf, which I don't think the French shop assistant really understood but for all us beauty lovers, we know why.
I have been using Bioderma now for a couple weeks and I definitely love it but I can't say yet whether it has replaced the Dior Cleansing Water, I will do a blog post on that too. One of the things I love about it is the residue or texture after you have used it. It seems to dry really quickly and doesn't feel oily on my skin.
I use normal cotton pads with my Bioderma and I find my makeup comes off easily, it doesn't irritate my eyes when trying to take off stubborn mascara and leaves my face feeling refreshed and squeaky clean! To be honest, before I had tried it, I wasn't sure whether it would pull off how much it was hyped up but in actual fact, its pretty amazing.
I think I paid around £15 ish for it but I checked a site where you can purchase from the UK and that costs around £10 (per 250ml) so its a great price still and it last for ages.
Have you tried it? I would love to hear whether you liked it!
Hope you are all doing well, currently at 16 followers, thankyou guys!

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