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Today I am going to be reviewing a new brand called Lipz Lip Balm and Gloss. The lovely Lee from Lipz sent me some samples of all the lip balms her company has to offer and I am very impressed! I haven't seen anything like these as they clip onto bags, watches, bracelets, basically anything that you can attach them to, they're great!

Lipz comes in 6 different flavours: Strawberry, Cool Mint, Vanilla, Xtreme Sun Block, Tangy Apple and Blushing Pink. All flavours except the blushing pink are a lip balm opposed to blushing pink being a shimmer lip gloss. They all include active ingredients Aloe and Vitamin E to moisturise, soothe and protect dry chapped lips. When buying a lip balm that fulfills all of those areas, you aren't usually expecting anything that looks cool but with these you get everything!
 One of things that I like about these lip balms is that they have SPF 15 in them which when in the sun you can forget but with the handy attachable feature, you will never be caught short! Another great thing is that they even do an 'Xtreme Sun Block' which has SPF 30. I love to ski, so this will be great to attach to my bag.

Packaging:  Lipz attaches easily to watches, bags, belts, caps etc as it has an 'O-Ring' that slips under the strap, connecting the lip balm container to the item you choose to wear it on. This also means that because it attachs to well, you can use it at the gym, whilst playing sport and anything active that would usually mean leaving the lip gloss at home :)


 After using them for a few days, my favourites are definitely the Tangy Apple and Strawberry, they smeel good, they make my lips feel nourished and aren't sticky like most lip balms/glosses. The only negative thing about them is that they can catch on things which means the lid opens but this doesn't seem to happen very often as is quite sturdy :)

Have you tried them? What do you think?

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