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Today's post is going to be a review on Maybelline's FIT me Foundation. This hasn't been around in the UK for long, I use to only know about it because I would watch youtubers from America talk about it. I was pretty excited though when I saw it in Boots as I have almost used up my Chanel foundation, click here for that review (I was quite sad I had finished it as it was so expensive!).
Ok, enough rambling and onto the review.
The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump and I have to say I really like it! It feels nice, it holds a lot of product and gives off a quality look without being on the expensive side. It comes with a black lid but like always I've lost that from lugging my makeup bag around with me everywhere :) It has a sleekness to it aswell as it doesn't try to overwhelm you with a funny shape or crazy colours, it literally is a glass bottle and a black pump which I like.

Coverage & Finish

The coverage is light to medium but you can build it up quite nicely. It covers spots and natural redness quite well and even my mum has mentioned how my skin looks when I'm wearing this :) The finish is standard to a normal foundation but definitely needs a powder, I've been using the FIT me powder too but it doesn't work that well. Sometimes it leaves me feeling quite greasy and some of the product easily builds up in one place so I have to use my hands to smooth it out. But I think with the right powder it could look and feel really good.

The formulation is a smooth consistency, doesn't dry too quickly and isn't too thick which are all great aspects to look at when choosing a foundation.

I use my real techniques buffing brush to apply this foundation and it usually distributes around my face rather well, its only the odd occasion that I need to go back over with my fingers to touch up. I use around 1 and half pumps of this and for me it's enough for the coverage and look that I want but I would be careful how much you do use as it looks like it could start to look cakey.
 Fading time
Every face is different but for me it doesn't last long and will usually start fading after a couple hours, it likes to 'slide' off my face. I don't know whether this is a common part of this foundation for others or whether is was only designed for a certain skin type but that is definitely one of the down sides to this foundation.
 Colour Range

The colour range is pretty good if you are inbetween dark and light but I found the very lightest shade which is 115 to not quite match my skin tone and leaves me looking a little bit orange. This means its harder to blend around the neck area, hence leaving me with foundation lines which is never a good look haha.


Where can you buy it from?

I bought this from Boots but anywhere that has a Maybelline counter such as Superdrug and even Tesco will stock it. When it first came out I think I got it for their opening deal but now the price is £7.99 and thinking about it, I would say this is a good deal for the foundation that you are getting.
Overall, I would give this a 3/5 stars as for a drugstore product is has all the key functions but as a long lasting performance its not as great. I would still purchase this foundation but only using for a specific event I'm going to as it gives a flawless finish when used with a good powder but doesn't stay long. For an everyday foundation I wouldn't buy it, but for the price, brand and coverage I would say buy it :)
Have you tried this foundation? Did you like it?

Please comment below telling me what you think of this foundation :)

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