My Stash of Samples

Over the last few years, I have accumulated a rather large stash of samples. Whether it's getting them with an expensive purchase at Spack NK or finding one hidden behind a page of magazine, I have a lot. This photo is a select few I actually want to try and so I thought I would share them with you cos who doesn't love a freebie which is actually good! I would also like to do a post of what I thought of each sample and whether I would purchase the full size so watch out for this next month!

In this month's issue of Company magazine, I got a sample of the new Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser which I have been wanting to test out for ages but never got round to it. There is 1ml of product in the sachet so I'm hoping for 1 or 2 applications out of it.

Elemental Herbology are raved about by Space NK lovers so whilst buying my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, they threw a few of these samples in - the little tube of moisturizer holds 5ml of product, such a generous sample! The facial glow radiance peel sachet looks promising too with a good 3ml of product and instructions on the back - leave for 4 minutes and rinse with warm water. I like it when the sample is basically a miniature of the full size as it contains instructions and ingredients.

From Dior, I've got a sample sized J'adore perfume and Pro-Youth Sorbert Creme - I love sorbet so I'm looking forward to trying this out. It's meant to be really hydrating and the sample is again a generous amount which gives you enough time to decide if you like it and want the full size.

My final 2 samples are from Clinique, 1 a foundation and the other a lipgloss. Before we carry on, how cute is the sample of the lipgloss? I think it's one of the biggest samples I've received too. This superbalm moisturizing gloss is in the shade 02 Raspberry with 5ml of product, this is going straight into my handbag!

Since getting into makeup and skincare, I've definitely held onto samples just in case I ever read about how amazing that product is or just as tasters because products can be so expensive and samples are a great way of trying before you buy. Dior & Space NK for me are usually the most willing to give out samples, where do you normally get great samples?

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